Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Best in the world? I don't think so! CL Preview

The amount of times I have heard the label "Best Team In The World" applied to Manchester United is sickening. Honestly, it is a load of bull. Ask people to name the Mancs best player, and pretty much all of the time it will be Cristiano Ronaldo. Ask A bunch of Chavs or Gooners about their respective teams, and the opinion will vary. Does that mean that the Mancs have only one good player? Also, so far this season, The Mancs have been beaten by Man City, COVENTRY, West Ham and Portsmouth (FA Cup), and have drew with us, Reading, Portsmouth (earlier on) and Lyon, just to name a few. So, running on the logic that the Mancs are the best in the world, that makes Man city, West Ham, Coventry and Portsmouth world beaters and Arsenal, Reading and Lyon equally as good as them. Of course, if we go back a season, Arsenal are also world beaters. And, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't LIVERPOOL make it to the CL final last year, not the Mancs. So next time you hear that said, remember this!
So, looking at the CL fixtures, I did a review of the Arsenal-Liverpool game yesterday. The games being played tonight are Roma-Mancs, and Schalke-Barca. Barca should beat their German adversaries, but can Roma withstand Man Utd Again? I think they can. They have certainly inproved at any rate. Chelsea should be too strong for Fenerbache (spelling?).
Well, thats pretty much it. The final thing is that RvP has come out and said that the game on the weekend was the best he had played in, and has called it a miracle.
Till next time Gunners!


Anonymous said...

seems Fenerbahce managed to pull it ut of the bag.. a pity about our result though eh?

OllieTheRvPNut said...

Yes! I was supprised as well, and it ruind the day for my chelsea supporting friends which made it even better!!

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