Monday, April 14, 2008

Stating the Obvious and Not So Obvious

Arsenal's Title Hopes Are Over. As Simple As That.

Of Course,
I wrote that in a post at the start of the month, and it has taken Arsene Wenger a long time to realise. Mathematically when I wrote that, It was still possible, but as if Man Utd and Chelsea were going to lose and draw more than one game. So, while Arsene is depressed, I got over it a long time ago now. So, when I woke up this morning and saw we had lost, and the papers saying "Arsenals Hopes over", we fans knew that it was over a long time ago. Am I saying I don't care we slumped so badly? No. Am I hurt? Yes. But because of some fore site, This loss doesn't leave that bad a taste in the mouth. Watching the goal highlights, we actually deserved to go goalless. Adebayor's goal was actually a hand ball. A hand ball by our CAPTAIN, Mr. Gallas, saw united equalise TWICE, after the penalty had to be pulled back and shot again. Lehmann was in goals tonight, and someone forgot to tell him that in a free kick, you are supposed to cover the whole goals, and not the furthest post away. Consequently, the ball was chipped over the 4 man wall, and into the back of the net. Credit to Man United, they played hard for the result. But, our season derailed at Birmingham, so don't you take the credit, ok? Oh, and I still hate you guys, and I will until you do us a favour and thrash Tottenham. Until then, I don't like you. End of.
One HUGE Positive came out of the game, and it is...... EBOUE GOT INJURED!!!!!! That means we are down 6 players, but Theo gets a run! Hurray! And on that note, it's goodbye from me. Till Next Time!

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