Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two Strikers Down, 1 Midfielder Permanantly Injured...

And One Defender Missing...
4 Class players gone. Though it is seemingly looking like Rosicky is going to change his name to just Thomas Sicky... He has Officially missed more games with injury than he has played. RvP has had a re-occurrence of his thigh strain, and Sagna was on the receiving end of a tackle that put his ankle out of place. Add to that Eboue is regularly ineffective, and Diaby is suspended, and Cesc is one card away from suspension, it doesn't look all that good... especially when your squad is small, and you still have 4-5 pivotal games still to be played.

Tonight (for me, Today if your in England and co.) is the 2nd game of the Liverpool Trio. Theo looked dangerous in the last game, making several effective runs, so please pass to him more often! A line up could look like this:


*I know.. But this is a likely line up, and Wenger always plays him over Theo, even though Theo is a better player.. I have heard it said that Eboue just grins at Wenger to intimidate him to pick him.

Finally, Fabregas has admitted that he has been urging Flamini to sign. Though, if it is taking this long over a money dispute, he should leave. We don't really want greedy people here do we? That's all it is... More more more, isn't it? I have also heard that he hasn't been treating fans the best either. Not a helpful thing for fan support.
That's it from me,
Till Next Time Gunners!

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