Monday, May 5, 2008

Say Goodbye to the Mad German!

By that, I do not mean Oliver Kahn, but his compatriot, rival for top spot, Jens Lehmann. While Arsene did say mid-week that only one player can leave, he says that Jens is "about 99 percent chance to leave". So, while he hasn't been the best this season, he has been a top rate keeper in his time here, and we'll miss you. Now go away silently.

And Don't Come Back!

There are STILL rumors that Theirry Henry is coming back home to Arsenal, more than I like to hear, because that means he will probably come back. While he is quality, he isn't what we want. You can read more here, in a post I did a short while back.

Arsenal played Everton last night, and despite popular belief that they would fight hard, they actually played for a point, from what I have read. Nicholas Bentner, the Danish striker, headed home a thunderbolt, according to Arsenal FC's official website, which proves they speak trash, because no one can do that! It hurts dammit!!
Jokes aside, he did score the only goal 13 minutes from time, and denied Everton the draw they were looking for.
Our season is over, but we can still claim 3rd, if Chelsea lose tonight and next week. I can only hope. However, Man U are temporarily clear at the top, after preventing West Ham doing a double over them.
Well, that's all from me at the moment, feel free to drop me a comment (Please do, even just for feedback purposes), and if its football related, all the better! Until Next Time Gunners!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well, He's Off!

Like everyone who loves fun during their school years, and stuffs doing homework, Flamini also missed his deadline. Now he's off to AC milan to join Pato and the gang.... We wish him the best of luck because mate, you'll need it to over come the "Arsenal Curse"!

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