Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Advantage Pays A Toll As Arsenal Slip

Not Even This could stop Chelsea from Winning

Yep, It's Stepladder-Terry!! I feel so sorry for that guy, he got used for a goal ramp last game, and Ade thought he'd try the same trick. But no, the goal instead came after the break from this guy.

Yes, that's right, Bakary Sagna scored his first ever goal in the prem,(and its a good one too!) but two goals 20 and 10 minutes from time by Didier Drogba killed off the game. There were a few chances for both sides in the first half, but at the end of the day, Chelsea were the better team.
So what does that mean for Arsenal's Title hopes? Well, Our second defeat of the year could prove quite costly. We are now 1 point behind Chelsea at 3rd, and 6 points behind ManUtd. It also means we have to win every game from here in, and we are relying on the results of the Mancs and Chavs.
In the other major game, Liverpool were crushed shortly after Macherano was sent off. 3-0 Was the final scoreline, but my initial reaction of the first goal was that it was a handball, you can make up your mind here
Let me know what you think about that goal, and of Arsenal's title hope's.
'Till next time Gooners, have a good one!

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