Monday, March 24, 2008

Give Nick Another Go!

After yet another game without Ade scoring, our wonder scorer may have hit the wall. Don't get me wrong! I am not criticising him, but after 5 games without impact, i think he needs a break. He keeps straying offside, which wouldn't matter if he played for Chelsea, but he needs a game off to refocus and get refreshed for the L'pool trio we are facing.
If this happened, what other options would be have to pair with RvP?
Hleb has done well up front as a supporting striker to Ade all season. With him feeding Eye-of-the-needle passes to RvP, we might have a good combo.
Theo is our work in progress, being mainly a winger. But his explosive pace and energy upfront could cause problems. But, i think he is better used at the moment as a ball feeder.
Nick Bentdner
Now, here is probably the best option to replace Ade. This tall boy is great at converting headers, and did a great job when RvP was out. Although he is slightly inexperienced, the best way to get him up to speed is to give him some match time. What I can now unveil is a new look plan for the weekend.
Theo is on the wing of the field, racing up and down, and occasionally cutting into the middle. He passes to Hled who is in a CF position, who holds the ball until RvP gets free. Rvp races forward, flips it up to Nick, who then turns and...............
Well, that's the theory. :)

Do you have any ideas?

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