Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Begining

Hello All!
Well, after reading and posting comments in other blogs for ages, (a whole 2 months...) I decided to start a new Arsenal blog of my own. I thought from the reaction I was getting, "Hey, maybe I could do this myself!" Well, here it is.
Theo Walcott has finally earned a call up to the England squad. I think this is great news, considering the form he has been in lately. Whether he actually plays is another matter. Also, where will he play? Up front with Rooney? On the wing with Joe Cole? Or as a sub for either? Only Capello knows, and we have to wait for his decision.
Man United once again relied on C.Ronaldo, beating Bolton 2-0. Chelsea Drew with the Spurs, Leaving their title hopes resting on the defeat on us and Man U. I would like to Thank the Spurs for doing us a favour in this way, and we'll be back to beat you next season. Thankyou.
Well, thats probably all for my first post. And with our fingers crossed that we will be given another day that R.van Persie will be spared from injury, 'till next time Fellow gooners!


jrdawson said...

at long klast I hope this gets in, I have reset my password

jrdawson said...

It seems to have worked!!!!!!

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