Friday, March 21, 2008

Good News For Victims of Bad Tackles?

I was just reading that the president of FIFA has finally come to his senses. He is thinking about making new rules that punish sloppy and dangerous tackles. But one must ask why the decision comes now after yet another career threatening tackle (Eduardo, anyone?). I feel that the current ban isn't harsh enough, but don't support the idea of a life ban. However, I do like the compromise they have come up with. Take it away Sepp!

We are considering several options, one being that if a player is injured for nine months, then that player who caused the injury should also be out for nine months.

Interesting... Other than that, nothing new I have seen. Just that Grant is vowing to keep fighting to the death, and Fergie praises Ronaldo.. but that last point isn't really of interest to anyone, is it?
Anyway, enjoy your Easter Gooners!

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Grant said...

Hahaha. The second vote in your poll has led to a 100% vote for RvP as the favourite striker. I thought that was funny... Don't mind my sense of humour.
As for the tackling stuff - I only see one real problem. What if the injured player never makes a full recovery?

OllieTheRvPNut said...

True.. Maybe a reduction in their match fee? Its a hard one, and I have full confidence that FIFA will think it through, before making it worse than the first place.

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