Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Chelsea And A Review Of "Grand Slam Sunday"

Hello All!
Wenger revealed today that they are still talking to Flamini. Oh, Still talking about a new contract FOR Flamini, my mistake. Still, they are leaving it pretty late, so Wenger might be facing his leaving the team.
Right, now onto the review.

Manchester Utd Vs Liverpool
Everton play struggling West Ham tonight, and if they win, it means they draw level with L'Pool, all be it with L'Pool having a day later game. However, it means that there will be pressure on L'Pool to win, if they want a CL spot secured. I feel that Liverpool will avoid a loss. With Gerrard and Torres On fire, it means that Rafa's plan to keep him ready for the end of the season worked, though the obvious downside being that they have to fight for 4th. Also, Man Utd are missing Van Der Sar, and possibly also Ferdinand, meaning that they will be vulnerable at the back. Although, that being said, L'Pool will need to be on their sharpest to keep Wonder boy Ronaldo at bay. With all this information in mind, I'm tipping 2-2, with Ronaldo saving the day.
Chelsea Vs ARSENAL
Now, the one we have all been waiting for, possibly one of the deciding matches of the season. We all know that unfortunately we have been in a slump of late, but we have the belief, potential and the players to pull out of it. IMHO we always do better on big matches (Eg, AC Milan) and I think we can pull this one off. While Chelsea have been undefeated for 78 games at home, we were the last team to beat them at the Bridge. Anelka was a good signing for the blues and seems to be settling in for "the long term", which, for Anelka is about half a season. Also, Didier Drogba has come out and said that he is ready for the challenge. He has also been quoted as saying that Arsenal "are a wonderful team with the ball". Well, whatever he says, its going to be a tough one. My Team prediction for arsenal is as follows: Ade and RvP up front, Hleb and Walcott on the wing with Flam and Fab in the middle, then Sagna Gallas Senderos and Toure up back with Almunia in goals. I am going for 2-1, with Ade and Walcott scoring.
On a final note, could you please take some time on the striker survey? at the moment after 3 votes, its looking rigged.. hmmm.....
Anyway, Have a nice day Gooners, and keep the faith!

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Wrighty7 said...

Arsenal will win 2-0 mate. Ade will score both.

OllieTheRvPNut said...

I sure hope so! Anyway, we can only wait and see. I have just been out to see my chelsea supporting cousins, And we both agree on 2-1 For l'pool over Man utd. Obviously, our scorelines were different, but im feeling positive!

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