Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All English Final?

Well, Semi Finals Tonight and Tomorrow Night, Chelsea Squaring off against Liverpool, and the two giants in Europe - Manchester United (Who have been labeled the best in the world) and Barcelona (Who were tipped to become champions of Europe this season). There is a 50% chance that it will be an all English final, but one team can prevent that. Barca. But to be honest, I doubt they can hold ManU off.
So, lets focus on the other big game.
Liverpool have a thing for the CL. Last years runner ups aren't going down without a fight! Chelsea are facing a revolt. I had my cousin over on the weekend, and he was really annoyed because Chelsea are in a loss-loss situation. If they win the Champions League or the Prem, Abramovic will be happy and will keep Grant, but then Chelsea would have a major player loss and would suffer majorly. On the other hand, if they lose, then Grant will leave, but it will be a severe dent in Chelsea's Armour, seeing as it is the first season that they have gone through without winning anything. So, here is a lesson to Arsenal fans. STOP COMPLAINING! WE ARE ALREADY HATED BY THE MEDIA, WHY MAKE IT WORSE? AND WHILE OUR SITUATION IS BAD, THINK ABOUT THE CHAVS!!! Ok, enough ranting, Im fine now.
Looking at it realistically, Chelsea just aren't in a good position to win the CL. Liverpool have nothing to lose this season, except this. So they will be trying their damn hardest out there tonight to win this thing. I'm going 2-2 at the Bridge, and a repeat of out game, 4-2 at Anfield.
Old Trafford will be a stronger home than Nou Camp. But that wouldnt matter anyway. Man U are so dominant home and away that they simply will be too strong for the Spanish Giants. Im going 2-0 at both leg's. That leaves ManU vs Liverpool in the final at Moscow.

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