Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheat Cheat Cheat Cheat!!!! Oh Chelsea oh Chelsea how poor are your players...

They do all they can and still cheat to win games...
All the above, title and opening line was sung by all of Anfield's supporters (minus the Chavs, of course) led by the Kop, the loyal diehard Liverpool fans. I have NEVER seen more cheating in my life. Here are some quotes from the comentator:
"Oh Dear, is the umpire blind?"
"You never quite know when Drogba is truly injured, do you?"
"Was that the ref's whistle? No, just my imagination."
"Whoo hoo! Finally a yellow card"
"How was that not a red. What? The ref has completely ignored it and waved play on!!"
"That is the first time that I have seen Grant smile, in, well, 12 months, and even then it lasted 5 seconds!"
"Yep, Grant has definitely ordered his men to take down Torres"
"Never, NEVER kick a Spaniard when he's down"
I could go on and on.. and most of those related to Chelsea's captain, John "Terminator" Terry, who took it apon himself to tell the defence to kill Torres, whatever the consequence. Filthy play left the Liverpool supporters chanting "Cheat Cheat Cheat Cheat" for over five minutes.
To be honest, I'm glad we lost to Liverpool. If Torres was RvP, he wouldnt have made it through the first five minutes the way that the Chavs were playing. No tactics, just take the opposition down when you can. The Scoreline at full time, 1-1, without a chelsea player scoring. Kuyt scored just before half time, and in Injury time, Riise was unlucky to divert a ball past his own keeper, although one has to ask why he was using a diving header in the first place, especially since there was no blue shirt remotely near the 6 yard box.
There were some more penalty oppertunties, Drogba was brought down, although he was diving worse that Eboue, and that's saying something! Ballack clearly handballed in the area, but the ref called play on. By far the worst tackle came from none other than ex-arsenal player Ashley Cole. Damn idiot slid tackled, no make that FLY-KICKED Kuyt just below the knees, righ infront of the touchline referee, and there was no advantage given, nor card shown.
So now we travel to SB, where Chelsea will no doubt try and hold on. Either way, anything more than a 1-1 draw will see liverpool advance. 2-2 sees them go through on away goals. Can they do it? Yes. Without being killed in the process. NO.
To Nou Camp tonight, I'll be watching. Bojan is in unbelievable form for a 17 year old, but Ronaldo is going to prove a tough task for them.
Till next time gunners, I proclaim today national hit a Chav day.

Goodness knows they deserve it...

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