Thursday, April 10, 2008

Arsenal Praises Walcott

The 70 yard run from wonder boy Theo has been welcomed by open praise by all that saw it, especially the ones in the box seat, the players on the pitch. Praise coming from Ade and Toure, as well as many others.
Kolo Toure had this to say
"Theo's run was fantastic, with a great pass at the end. He is a good player and is improving every time. I think he is going to be one of the best players in England."
While Adabayor added: "He is on fire. He is a joy to play alongside"
I read today an interesting statistic, on the Official Website, of all places. It states "Every Time Theo Produces A Piece Of Magic, It Is Overshadowed By A Big Disappointment" The two obvious ones are that fateful day against Birmingham, where Theo scored a double, in the absence of Eddy, and, of course, the run, only to be cancelled out by a horrible decision (The Penalty).
Finally, if you are reading this, I ask you this: Who would you most want to see brought to the team in the summer. We have a budget of about $80,000,000 so let you imaginations roam, and buy away in the comments!
Till next time Gunners!


Anonymous said...

FYI, the previous posting I received by email, but this one I find on teh site, but not on the email. I ssuspect it will come in soon. In fact, the bell just rang. I am posting anonymously because i cannot remeber my user name. i hope to catch up one day. gj posted this comment. I am still amazed by the range of views, and the way expressed!!

greatwonders said...

can buy me ... I come VERY cheap, and that is probably too expensive.

I only know one soccer joke. Apecatotor was asked the score so far, and he said "it's Nil all, and that is more than either of them deserve."

Oh no, there is another one.A specatotor was jumping up and down when the play was near goal yelling "SHOOT Smith ... SHOOT Smith". Another glum face mumbled "Why pick on Smith, shoot the lot".

greatwonders said...

I am sorry about the spelling on my comments. I will be more careful in future.

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