Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Frustration Build Up.

I do not believe that we can start a season so well, and win nothing. Last night was a total and pure embarrassment. We did nothing right last night, bar two things, score the first goal (credit to Diaby, it was a cracker) and manage to get the ball to Theo Walcott ONCE. Words will not, and cannot describe the world wide frustration by Arsenal Fans, and I think the blame can go only one way - The Managers. I know, it is a bit harsh, and Arsene Wenger has lead us to some memorable seasons, and is the longest serving Arsenal Manager, but you would think that a guy who knows English football like the back of his hand should know that you cannot win a trophy with a team of young, under developed kids. RvP, Eduardo, Fabregas, all young, but they have to lead the team. Why on earth did Wenger only sell in the January transfer period. Its not logical, and when you have players injured, shouldn't you find a potential replacement, not rely on an already stretched team. Last night, we snapped, we were too thin. If Arsene does not spend big this transfer season, like the other front runners, then how do we expect to win. If he doesn't spend, I feel that fans will unleash all hell, given the right plan. Heck, we have a good first team, and we have hinted world beating form, but we haven't showed that consistently! World Class teams have players to replace or be subbed on. We have inexperienced school boys. Flamini got injured last night. Honestly, had he not been injured, and been involved in one or two passes, I wouldn't have noticed he was there. Many people say he is a pivotal person in our team, but the way he played last night, he can clearly be replaced. Adebayor, what can I say. He showed a hint of class, that's all. Time to perform, or go. End of story. So, OK, you want to get really technical, we have one something, the Amsterdam/Emirates cup. And a few pre-season games. So what? did we use the profits we are making from that cup, and from ticket sales, and from shirt sales and other merchandise on buying quality? No, it went into a bank, for "the future". Well guys, the future is now. We have $80 mil in the bank, probably $85+ when some players leave at the end of the season (Hleb, Gilberto, Lehmann) so why not use it then?
Hell, I'm gutted. I'm off to collect my thoughts, but let out the frustrations guys, leave a comment. I'll be back later, when I have collected my thoughts more. Till then...

(Update 5:15 PM - Wenger Still Deluded, thinks we can win title if we beat Man Utd. Wenger, you aren't fooling anyone. Be quiet, and save your breath to talking to other players about signing.)

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Anonymous said...

I just think, although I do not follow the game, that I might have co-incidentally seen this first goal.. i forget the word, but was it the one that looped over the goalies head? GJ posted this

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