Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Benzema Scores, Arsene Not Afraid To Spend BIG! Henry Back, and Does Technique Matter?

Benzema Is continuing to make a name for himself. What a legend, Surely Arsene cannot pass up on this one. People have said that we bring players out of France, and they flop. While that may be the case, can anyone name a better defence pair than Barcary Sagna and Gael Clichy? We bought Theirry to Arsenal and he made himself permanently part of our history, didn't he? Look, People say that we nee to sign a midfielder more than we do a striker, but do we really need Ben Arfa when we have Vela and Meredia, along with Theo? Benzema has registered his interest at moving to a big club, so PLEASE ARSENE, Sign him before Chelsea, Liverpool or Man United do! We already know that they are going to strengthen, and the rumours are that it is a French player? Benzema? Possibly, but I think that it will be a person that will send a shudder down the spines of every single Arsenal Fan, Should the headline read something like this:
Liverpool Shocks Fellow Clubs With Signing Of Arsenal Star Henry
Oh Damn, we say. Why didn't We sign him back?
I know the answer.
Theirry has looked like a shadow of his former self at Barcelona, Proving the Arsenal Curse True: The Grass Is NOT Greener On The Money Tree Side. The only stars to avoid this curse are the ones that don't move away for profit. Theirry forgot that. To bring him back wouldn't revive him. I have said it abroad, and I will say it here. Henry was a great player or us, and will always be remembered. But he will be, and will remain part of our History, and not our Future. Plus, how stingy would it look if we sold him, finished 3rd the next season, then bought him back for a reduced price? Very, and it would completely crush Wengers career as a manager, with the critics hammering him for bad management skills.
So, even if Theirry did move to Liverpool, would he rip us apart? No. Once an Arsenal Player, always an Arsenal Player. We know him too well, He knows us too well, We would capitalise, he would fail to score against us, he will hinder their efforts, and we would win.
I have heard people hammering Theo recently, saying that he isn't the quality of an Arsenal Great. They further say that the 70 Yard Run V Liverpool was luck that the ball came to him, and it being with 15 minutes to go, the other team were tired, and he did it with ease. He then had to pass to Adebyaor because he simply doesn't have the shooting quality to beat Reina, and Adebayor would tap it home and make him look good. For Goodness Sake! Need I remind you Idiots that he is a TEENAGER? How many teenagers could produce that level of quality? "He doesn't have the proper technique". Of Course he doesn't! He is an 18 year old! Anyway, when you bring it down to the wire, does it matter if he has the proper technique if he can produce magic? As long as he delivers, does it matter that he uses incorrect footwork? I think not. Verdict? The Material of one of the best, and "Technique" will come with time. In the meantime, sit back, and enjoy the pacy magic.
That is enough for today. Until next time, why don't you leave a comment and say how you feel about Benzema's quality, Henry - Past of Future and Theo, does technique matter? Until next post Gunners!

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