Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nightmare Week For Bloggers...

Yep, it's that time again. A time of no news. Yep, It's Friendly Week...
A nightmare for bloggers 'cos there's nothing to post on! And a nightmare for fans, because the only thing these friendlies seem to create is injuries.
So, with nothing really to blog about, apart from the FALSE story about Gallas not having any friends, this is going to be short. All I can say about Gallas is that if he has no friends at Arsenal, why didn't he leave in the mid-season transfer window. Answer? Because it isn't true. End of story.
The only other thing that caught my eye is that, thank goodness, Theo survived all the squad cuts, which means he could well be playing tonight. Keep an eye out if your watching. Also look out for Clichy, Gallas and The Flamster, they will all be lining up against England. Add to that Hatem Ben Arfa - There is rumors he will be moving to Arsenal this Summer, though it will be winter in my case, being an Aussie.
Well, I apologise for all this lack of news, but its all there is at the moment. Don't forget to drop me a line, and let me know you opinion.
Till next time Gooners! (Pray that there will be more to write about!!)

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