Friday, March 28, 2008

Sagna Sidelined

Hello. Sorry about the lack of posts recently. Hopefully that is set to improve.
Wenger announced today that, because of an ankle injury picked up on last weeks game, Sagna is out for "About 3 Weeks" which means we won't have him until mid-April, which is a worrying concept, considering the fact that Sagna has been holding us together recently.
Well, it is going to be a battle of desperation this week. Arsenal are fighting to keep our EPL Title hopes alive, while Bolton are fighting relegation. I am not going to predict a scoreline, so It's up to you to comment on.
Finally, (yes, I know, I have left it late...) It was the Arsenal FC Blog's B'Day YESTERDAY. I am sorry about the delay, but I hope you have many good years blogging ahead. Great Work Spanish Fry!!
And that is it.
'Till Next Time Gooners!

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Anonymous said...

Ok I'm going to try to pretend I know more than I do here. Just did a quick cheat and looked up the debate on BBC site ( So it looks like Eboue will replace Sagna for the next few weeks, but people aren't that thrilled with Eboue's past performance. Maybe though he will have learned by watching Sanga's professionalism, and want to step up and prove to everyone that he can do just as well. AuntyOmi.

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