Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wenger Hints Its Time To Rest Ade

Finally, our coach has decided to rest the ineffective Ade. No offence to fans of the tall striker, but he has not been up to scratch. Bentner is the tipped replacement, which leaves one thing left to sort out.
Who will replace Sagna? The wonder-defender has left a lot to be filled, so fingers crossed that it will only be the three weeks. But there is 2 likely outcomes to the problem.
One, Toure is pushed wide, and Senderos comes in the middle with Gallas, Clichy covering the other wing, or Two, Eboue going back to his former position, and Theo getting a rare start. Of course, there is the option of moving Toure wide, Senderos in the middle AND Theo starting over Eboue, but I won't hold my breath!

Finally, in signing news, we are being linked to Miralem Pjanic (Pictured), a player for the Metz (a French Team). He comes from the same place as Ade and Pires did, and if they are any indication (Esp. Pires), then we might have a good new signing, if we choose to. But, that said, we have enough 17 yr old's coming through, and we need more established players. Hopefully, Ben Arfa could fill that, as we are still being liked to him.
Thats all for now, 'Till Next Post Gooners!

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