Monday, April 28, 2008

Derby Time!

It feels like international week again, a lack of news... But it isn't, its just a monday game. They just feel Henry deserves fromt page.
Rumors continue to fly around whether we will or wont keep Flamini or Hleb, but the longer it drags out, the less chance we have. Just a few days remain until Flamini signs or doesnt sign, and Hleb is also going to have talks with Wenger about his future.
With AC Milan poised to sell Kaka, they have also outbidded Juventus for Flamini, as a replacement for Gattuso. Funny to think that Flamini was nicknamed "Flattuso", ater the man he is set to replace.
Well, other than that, there isnt much else, other than the game we have against DERBY!
I think the scoreline will be about 4-0 plus, but it depends on the team Wenger plays... till then!

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