Sunday, April 27, 2008

We are not goin' any higher!

Chelsea pulled off a win against Man U last night, meaning that we will be moving no higher than third. It is possible that we can slip to fourth, believe it or not, but I feel that is about as likely to happen as Derby winning the Premier league. In other words, 0% chance.
Flamini is still keeping us in the dark, but Arsene has made an improved offer. I don't know whether he'll stay, Wenger keeps saying he wants to stay, Juve keep saying they have nearly signed him and I read in one site that they had already signed him, and the Italian media were going to release it later that day. I'm still waiting to hear it. Either way, its 50/50 at the moment.
Hleb on the other hand I feel is going to stay. I don't knw why, just an impulse, although his incident the other week inicates he is bored with the Prem, so he probably wont stay.
Nice to see people are starting to leave comments, and feel free to keep doing so, or to start if you havent already. Any discussion is welcome, your opinion does count here!
Until next time!!

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