Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grrr, This Is Harder Than It Seems! But Im back and its one hell of a rant! Laughable Tootenhamm.

I have been extreemely lazy latel, but now I'm going to try to get back into this blogging business.
SOOOOO much has happened since I last threw together a post, and I won't attempt to cover it, but I will cover some issues that have cought my attention.

We Lost To Hull. At Home.

And it was the PERFECT wake up call for the Champions League game a few days later. You know, while I was in shock after that result, I was way more shocked at Theo's hattrick at international level. If he can do that, then why cant Hull sit us in our place?
There was absolutely nothing that we could do about that game, and to be honest, that first goal they scored against us just shows that we should not and can not under estimate ANY team in the league.

No.. I Change My Mind. There are 18 teams in our league that we should be scared of. One Exception.
Tottenham Hotspur.
What a Laugh. Seriously, I was worried over the Transfer Period. They were signing all the good, up-and-coming players, the proven players, and the players that they could afford to get just to play around with. I was most annoyed at them signing dos Santos. Barca upcoming player, loads of skill, ect ect ect. Now look where they've ended up.



Comic Relief Team of the century. SO for that I have two thankyous to make. One to Tottenham. Thankou for distracting us from our pain for lack of signings, fro losinf out #1 spot on the table, ect. You name it, they will ditract us from it. My second Thankyou goes to Hull. Thankyou for sacrificing your relegation spot for them this year. So selfless, I hope you guys stay up.

Finally that 4-0 thrashing of Porto, Well played RvP and Ade, You worked together, and your both getting to your best. However, Ade, I would have liked to see Nik take that Penalty, but oh well, a goals a goal, and Ill take anything, as long as its a win!

Until next time! We have a game against Sunderland. I wouldnt mind seeing Vela and Ramsey getting a run, they were awesome in the CC game, it would be great to see them get some Prem Experience.
Have a good one Gunners, If I still have any readers, I'd be interested to hear any of your ideas or Oppinions. Till then!

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