Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Evertonian win

So we beat Everton. Even with a team depleted with injuries from the famous international week that everyone loves... not.

But it was a shaky win, and its got me thinking, where in the team to we pin-point the blame. By that I mean, which part of the team is the least stable, and how can we improve it? Our Center Midfield pairing isnt that great, but with Ramsey and Wilshere coming through, Denilson starting to shine were fine for the moment and Nasri and Walcott are on fire on the wings, so we don't need work there. The obvious answer then is defence, it's just not working and we need to improve fast. But, on the other hand, who can we sign that would improve the defence? Are signings the option required. Obviously, some of the blame must go to Wenger for the dodgy team selections (Song at right back????) but the point is, if the current defensive pairing isn't working, don't you change it? Looking individually at each defender in our team, they all are great, Gallas, Silvestre, Toure, Djourou are all good CB's, and Clichy/Sagna are arguably the best RB/LB's in the Prem at the moment. So why isn't it clicking? I don't have the ideal answer, but the one I do have could work, but it isn't a good one.

Rotation of the back pairing.

Look, I hate to say it, but its looking like our only option at this point in time. Ok, we are winning most of the games, but we need the solidness at the back to consolidate our confidence in going forward. So, my suggestion is this - we give each pairing two games each, one home and away. We know how the Toure/Gallas one is, so that leaves us 2 games Gallas/Silvestre, 2 games Gallas/Djourou, 2 games Silvestre/Djourou, Silvestre/Toure, Toure/Djourou. 10 games in total. While I know that rotation is destabling to a team, it may be the only option we have at the moment, without splashing the cash, which I believe is unnessesary after looking at each of the plaers individually. And look, if one of those is extremely succesful, then stick with it, and we can be more confident going forward, meaning more goals, leading to wins. Right?

Is the "Experiment" worth the risk trying?

Whats your Opinion?


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